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Mini, Micro, Steno and Standard tapes - What's the difference?

Mini cassettes and micro cassettes may look very similar but mini cassettes are slightly larger and therefore not interchangeable.
Mini cassette tapes measure 5.5cm x 3.5cm and micro cassettes measure 5cm x 3.5cm.
Then we have Grundig steno cassettes which are a unique tape format that have an inbuilt tape counter. 
These tapes are only suitable for Grundig equipment.
The largest cassettes are known as standard cassettes (or sometimes to confuse matters, compact cassettes) 
Remember the audio cassettes from the 80's? Standard cassettes are this size.

Philips tape dictation only use the mini cassette format.
Sanyo, Sony and Dictaphone use all three variations on their tape equipment, mini, micro and standard.
Olympus tape dictation uses the mini and micro cassette format.
Grundig developed the Steno cassette which is only compatible with Grundig analogue equipment.
Grundig also produced a couple of micro cassette machines.

You are welcome to contact us for advice on which cassette tape is compatible with your model of equipment.


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